STAR Certificate Program: Fundamentals of Endoscopic Suturing

Type: STAR Programs


Endoscopic suturing is a rapidly developing endoscopic advancement. For established endoscopists, there have been no pathways to developing skills in this complex technique, until now.

The ASGE Fundamentals of Suturing STAR Certificate Program prepares endoscopists to overcome challenges, gain confidence and demonstrate their “readiness” to perform endoscopic suturing to medical colleagues.

Target Audience:

The enrollment criteria described below is intended to give potential participants an idea of the basic skill levels expected of program participants, and the skills that are needed to successfully perform endoscopic suturing. Enrollees should have:

  • A minimum of two years in practice post-fellowship
  • Performed at least 500 upper and lower endoscopies independently, and currently performing colonoscopy as part of daily practice
  • Proficiency in basic endoscopy, hemostasis, and injection techniques

Learning Objectives:

After successfully completing all components of this program, attendees should be able to:

  • Understand the indications for suturing and the types of suturing patterns
  • Apply suturing techniques to be able to apply the various fundamental suturing patterns
  • Troubleshoot for common problems with suturing

Price: Member: $2800 / Non-Member: $3500

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